Month: September 2017

Over 250 people turnout to greet HaRav Asher Weiss Shlit’a

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We were fortunate to have a great turnout Sunday night September 24, 2017 to hear the shiur given by the renowned magid shiur, HaGaon Rav Asher Weiss. Over 250 men and women from across the Bet Shemesh community attended the shiur in kehilat Nofei HaShemesh. The shiur is available under the shiurim link on this site or on

Video of the second half of the shiur

Rav Asher Weiss Shlita to speak on Sunday Sept 24th at 9:00pm

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We are excited to announce that  Rav Asher Weiss shlita, the “Minchat Asher”, has agreed to present the shiur on September 24th. The shiur will take place in Kehilat Nofei HaShemesh in Bet Shemesh. The topic will be “עניני ימים נוראים ודברי התעוררות”. The shiur will be in English.  Marei Mekomot will be provided. The schedule:  Shiur at 9:00pm and a Kibbud at 9:45pm.

For more info or to sponsor contact: or call Brian Thau 052-257-3109, Mark Watson 050-871-1311 or Mike Greenwald 058-789-2000