Month: August 2016

Over 100 people enjoyed Kollel Yom Shishi on Friday August 12th

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Another great program by the Bet Shemesh Community Beit Medrash initiative this morning with more than 100 men and women coming to hear Rav Zvi Sobolofsky and Rav Tanchum Cohen. Special thanks to the Borvick family for sponsoring in commemoration of the 20th yahrzeit of Mr Samuel Z. Cohen – Nisanel Zalman ben Yaakov Hacohen. Special thanks to the entire BS community and the committee for all their help in making this a huge success. Stay tuned for our announcement for our shiurim starting again in Elul.

To hear the shiurim, please go to the shiurim page on this site

Incredible turnout for Rav Yona Reiss Shlit’a

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On Thursday night August 4th we had the privilege of hosting Rav Yona Reiss,  av bet din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC). The shiur was in memory of Rav Reiss’ father on the occasion of the yahrtzeit. Over 150 people turned out to listen to the shiur entitled “When Politics and Halacha Collide: The Truth about the American Rabbinate, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Validation Process for Jewish Conversions.”

Recording of the shiur is available here